Nov 24th, 2017
Tivolivredenburg Utrecht
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Theatre Hotel Courage – ‘A room with a view’

A master class in storytelling that touches the heart: a unique synergy of music, theatre and the audience.

Katrien van Beurden, Director and Artistic Manager of Theatre Hotel Courage, will give a master class especially for the Buma Classical Convention. This is an interdisciplinary programme between actors and musicians that demonstrates how you can get a very expressive story across simply with actors performing in an empty space. Van Beurden addresses such subjects as how music professionals can tell a story with their instrument and their performance. How inspired can you be in your performance without going so far as acting?

We’ll be looking at the following questions: at what point do body and mind work as one? How can you use your imagination? How can you communicate with your audience, and, finally, how can you enjoy your performance?
In recent years, Hotel Courage has collected stories (without any kind of subsidy) in Iran, Ghana, Palestine, India and New York City in the United States. During this master class, short stories will be shared in which you can easily imagine an interdisciplinary approach being applied by musician and actor. As a director, Van Beurden is looking for a synergy between music and what happens on stage: music that mimics reality in the sounds it produces, music that reflects reality in abstract form, and music used as a theme for each character on stage. Theatre Hotel Courage creates a world that goes straight to the heart, straight to the emotions. It can range from the threat of disaster to the melancholy of a lost memory. The musicians are an integral part of Theatre Hotel Courage and improvise along with the actors if the scene unexpectedly takes off in another direction.
Theatre Hotel Courage 
Theatre Hotel Courage is the international theatre company directed by Katrien van Beurden. Together with her core team of performers such as Sacha Muller, Remy van Kesteren and Aqil Dahhan, she collects stories from all over the world. In a completely empty space, these performers and musicians bring to life these stories about how everyone tries to survive in today’s world.  The theatre of Theatre Hotel Courage involves highly virtuoso performances, an irrational approach and tragicomic stories. Applying a sense of playfulness, it focuses on significant pressing themes. Theatre Hotel Courage is intended for a wide audience and connects us by revealing what all of us have in common.

‘Van Beurden is a theatre maker who has been promoting her art internationally for many years, a passionate and light-footed heavyweight whose skill, compassion, persuasion and perseverance have already captured the hearts of people on many continents. The fact that she now wants to bring together her unique style of theatre to the Netherlands is an enrichment for Dutch theatre and our society.’
Annet Lekkerkerker, business manager, Holland Festival.

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  1. Katrien van Beurden Artistic Manager