Nov 24th, 2017
Tivolivredenburg Utrecht
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Friend- & Fundraisingskills

In order to build sustainable financing, donor, sponsorship or customer relations as a musician, ensemble or orchestra, it's important that you search for a fitting match with a potential patron. Sustainable collaboration is based on the needs of all the parties involved.

In this workshop, Peter Verbaas of Wijzer Werven will show you how to connect with potential partners and maintain a sustainable relation, for example, with a sponsor, a private donor (funds) or an ambassador (friend) who is willing to deploy his network. This way, you build sustainable financing, donor, sponsorship and customer relations.

This workshop is organized by Wijzer Werven and led by Peter Verbaas.

About Peter Verbaas:

Peter Verbaas is affiliated with Nyenrode Business University and lecturer of various Wealth Management courses. For years, Peter was active in the financial industry where he advised wealthy families about philanthropy and other money matters. He has contributed a lot to Impact Investing. For the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science he looked into Cultuur Mecenaat. He is a trainer and coach at Wijzer Werven, in which his company Charistar participates. Peter is an experienced Commissioner and Member of the Supervisory Board at Oxfam Novib, UBS Bank Netherlands, VUMC Fund and the ASN Novib Microcredit Fund.

For whom

This workshop is aimed at musicians, ensembles/orchestras, program directors and business leaders.

  1. De Punt 15:00 - 16:00
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  1. Peter Verbaas Charistar