Nov 24th, 2017
Tivolivredenburg Utrecht
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Being a producer in the cultural sector means creating optimum practical conditions for a successful production on stage. Obviously, these conditions consist of everything that has to be present to make the production even possible. Important factors include arranging for technical prerequisites as well as practical support or jobs to be done like booking travel, hotels, rehearsal space, etc. - and getting it all done according to the right time schedule.

It’s all up to the producer: organising everything quickly, adequately, on time, within budget and without too much stress - and preferably with just the right social touch. Once you’ve got all this down pat, you can perfect various aspects: eliminating all stress, staying one step ahead of the game, and developing that instinctive feel for social finesses. Then comes the turning point: everything runs well almost all the time. There’s no challenge in it anymore. No stress also means no excitement. But your work doesn’t change. You’ve grown as far as you can grow. The producer’s syndrome hits home. You used to have so much fun being a producer, you’re also really good at it - everyone tells you so - but it doesn’t mean anything anymore. So what now? 
Nurtured by an experienced change coach, Caro Nieuwenhuis (The Changery), we’ll be meeting with experts like Lieven Cooiman (who changed career from producer to business manager), Sigi Giesler (32 years of experience, producer of Holland Festival) and Janneke Godschalk (business manager).

Questions to be addressed are: ‘Has that turning point actually arrived?’ When did it happen in your career? Was raising a family (or something else) a factor? Were you involved in extra courses or workshops? Did you get any advice from career coaches or colleagues? What keeps your job exciting? And, of course, what was the absolute highpoint and low point in your career as a producer?