Nov 24th, 2017
Tivolivredenburg Utrecht
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The latests music sector advise

In the run-up to the creation of the Culture Policy 2021, the Culture Council was asked to gather sectorial advice. On the 24th of November, the council will present an analysis about current trends and developments in the music sector. In this debate, we will discuss the outcomes and have experts in the field share their view on the analysis.

Prior to the sector analysis, many discussions were held with various music disciplines, umbrella organisations, funds and experts. We will discuss a number of topics that will be included in the analysis. Think, for example, of the relationship between music, society and the public, supply and demand questions, new forms of organisation and partnerships, talent development and the position of the younger generation in music.

For whom

This debate is engaging for anyone who is active in the music industry and sees a future in music. Programmers, composers, treasure hunters, stage animals, planners and marketers.